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IGA City of Loveland for the Exchange of Legal Services[Icon]
IGA Colorado Department of Human Services[Icon] Authorizing participation Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) Metered Fuel Vendor Agreement
IGA Estes Valley Fire Protection District[Icon] Intergovernmental Agreement for access and maintenance to Town Communication Facilities. Deed and Bill of Sale for Dannels Fire Station.
IGA Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park[Icon]
IGA Platte River Power Authority ‎(PRPA)‎[Icon] IGA for the Funding and Coordination of a Joint Compensation Study with PRPA, Fort Collins, Longmont, and Loveland.
IGA CDOT 19-HA4-XC-00065[Icon] Graves Avenue Improvements.
IGA CDOT 2019 Elkstang Bustang Service[Icon] Shuttle Services
IGA CDOT for Fiscal Year 2020 Certifications and Assurances[Icon] As required by the Federal Transit Administration for Funding Recipients.
IGA CDOT Master IGA[Icon] Disaster Recovery Flood Work.
IGA CDOT US Highway 36 & Community Drive 20-HA4-XC-00018[Icon] Construction of Intersection Improvements on US 36 and Community Drive
IGA City of Fort Collins[Icon] For Shared Access to Broadband Transport and Access Facilities.
IGA City of Loveland[Icon] The Exchange of Legal Services for Protest Hearings
IGA Estes Valley Public Library District[Icon] General accounting functions and accounts payable services
IGA Great Outdoors Colorado Grant[Icon] Grant Agreement for the Thumb Open Space Purchase. To accept $350,000 from GOCO and commit Town match in the amount of $171,700 from Larimer County Open Space funds and #70,000 from Conservation Trust funds.
IGA Larimer and ESRI Software License[Icon] Inclusion of an Additional Eligible Entity to the Geographic Information System Software: ESRI Enterprise License Agreement
IGA Larimer County for Planning Services and Land Use including Amendments One though Six[Icon] Original Agreement executed 2000-02-01, Amended 2003, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019. Expires March 31, 2020
IGA Platte River Power Authority[Icon] Fiber Management agreement between the Town of Estes Park, City of Fort Collins, the City of Longmont, the City of Loveland and Platte River Power Authority.
IGA Upper Thompson Sanitation District[Icon] For utility installation at Fish Creek Lift Station US Highway 36 and Mall Road
IGA Upper Thompson Sanitation District 2018, 2019[Icon] Utility Installation at Fish Creek Lift Station US Highway 36 and Mall Rd (2018) and Exhibit D Escrow Agreement with Bank of Colorado (2019)
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